{February 10, 2008}   Tips, tips, tips

One of the best tips I was given when learning English, was to live the language. What does it mean? To listen, read, work with English in every opportunity you have.

And today’s choosen oportunity, is : LOST

Lost is a series about a group of people who, travelling from Australia to USA, have an accident… and they get lost somewhere, where surviving becomes the first objective.

If you like good series, why don’t you use that as a departing point to practice your listening skills?

Don’t forget that by using authentic material you have the opportunity to learn things that don’t come in books!

More info on LOST, here


{February 10, 2008}   Hello world!

Welcome to my blog This blog represents part of what I like doing: teaching. Here, you will find interesting information, tips, and everything related to English Language Teaching.

Also, you will be presented with lots of ideas to work with technology in class while having fun with your students! Obviously, I will come up with lots of things I’ve found on the internet, so be sure to comment on the things I post and ask for things!

As I’ve heard someone say, “the Internet is a public domain, so, let’s share!”

Cya l8r!

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