{March 12, 2008}   Gorey’s ABCs

So finally classes started at the institute where I work… and my first class seems to be 1st Children (too many 1sts this year for me :P)
As I was preparing Wednesday’s class, I thought how one could work the alphabet with teens (yeah, sometimes you need to teach how to pronounce the different letters!) and that triggered another google search.

I came across very interesting worksheets, but the funniest of all, for teens, was this one (video from youtube to enjoy!)

Jesus In A Sidecar – The Alphabet Song (The Gashlycrumb Tinies)
by Edward Gorey

a is for amy who fell down the stairs
b is for basil assaulted by bears
c is for clara who wasted away
d is for desmond thrown out of a sleigh
e is for ernest who choked on a peach
f is for fanny sucked dry by a leech
g is for george smothered under a rug
h is for hector done in by a thug
i is for ida who drowned in a lake
j is for james who took lye by mistake
k is for kate who was struck by an axe
l is for leo who swallowed some tacks
m is for maud who was swept out to sea
n is for neville who died of ennui
o is for olive run through with an awl
p is for prue trampled flat in a brawl
q is for quentin who sank in a mire
r is for rhoda consumed by fire
s is for susan who perished of fits
t is for titus who flew into bits
u is for una who slipped down a drain
v is for victor squashed under a train
w is for winnie embedded in ice
x is for xerxes devoured by mice
y is for yorick whose head was knocked in
z is for zillah who drank too much gin

You see? There’s material for teaching the ABCs to everyone!

PS: Check the related videos! They may be interesting!


{March 4, 2008}   Teaching English Sounds

Well, after five tries I decided to post just the link to the slide share about teaching English Sounds…

Hope it’s useful!

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