{April 5, 2008}   Modern Languages Learning

I’ve come across something I found really really amazing! In the UK, nursery schools are suposed to teach modern foreign languages, such as Spanish, French and Gaelic.

Why do I find this so amazing? Because as a teacher of English as a foreing language, I adore learning about other varieties of English rather than the American or British ones, and learning Gaelic, which is one of the languages spoken on the British Isles, was one of my dreams!.

My finding goes something like this:

“As part of East Ayrshire Council‘s implementation plan for Citizens of a Multilingual World, the authority has encouraged in nursery schools and classes an approach to including the international dimension in education in the curriculum entitled ‘Nursery Language and Culture’

For more information about this, please visit this website

Modern Foreing Language Environments


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