{September 4, 2008}   Useful Material on the Web

I always try to provide my students with resources for their own work at home. This is the selection of websites I’ve made for a group of adult learners of English. Hope you can profit from this! —> a basic dictionary in several language. Language is accompanied by a drawing or picture that represents its meaning –> an excellent online dictionary —> online translator (multilanguage). –> same as the previous one, a great online translator —> a great dictionary for intermediate and advanced students. It provides not only definitions but also whole language practice! —> jokes and texts to read in the language your students are learning! —> In the “Resourses” section there are great grammatical summaries and lots of vocabulary lists. –> Activities and games for beginers. There is some help for hispanic students in some activities. —> slang dictionary (great for teens!) —> Here your students can find lots of reading activities with reading comprehension exercises. The best of this site? Readings come from best sellers! —> More on reading comprehension –> Reading comprehension y actividades de vocabulario –> English Grammar Online for you is a very complete website where you will find everything you are looking for: grammar, vocabulary, readings and writings. —> A very exhaustive irregular verbs list.

Podcast Section:
Here, you will find links to sites where you can download audio or video podcasts in English. These are semi authentic and authentic material (that is, material adapted for students and material from daily life). To download the different podcasts, follow instructions on each site. Generally, you have to right click on the links and then choose “save target as” (this one provides audio material and the transcriptions too!)

As I always say, “Provide your students with tools to improve their own language alone. Then, you will see how far they can go in a really short time”


Sebastian says:

thank you for the honorary mention, I appreciate the link. Cheers

Thank you for putting our link up ( We also have worksheets, vocabulary tasks, webquests etc for all the podcasts. Sometimes we’ve made videos that go with the podcasts too.

The pie team

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