{September 10, 2008}   Music in the Classroom

As said in previous posts, the use of music in the classroom can make the entire learning process more enjoyable. But… do you use music just to work with the lyrics? Or do you provide your students with opportunities of working with music playing very slowly, just to foster brain work?  Do we provide activities dealing with the phonetics of the language, or just fill-in-the-gaps activities?

Personally, I’ve worked in children’s classes with those cds from the Babies Go series and children really like them! With adults, classical music does the trick.

Here, there are some useful links about this topic.


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Last.FM ESL Group

English Videos and Music in EFL, ESL Classrooms


The Value of Rhymes and Songs

Music in the Adult Classroom

Using Music in the ESL Classroom

Want more?


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