{September 30, 2008}   Specific Area Vocabulary

I usually provide my students with tools to learn the vocabulary they want. I mean, if they want to learn about food, probably I will give them some activities on recipies and the like. Also, I give my students links to sites where they can enlarge their vocabulary.

For instance, there’s this student who is going to be a PE teacher, who wants to know vocabulary regarding the body, dance and choreography and sports. So, my links selection is something like this:
Glossary of Dance Moves

Dance Moves

Dance Technique


English Vocabulary – Parts of the Body

Language Guide

Language Guide 2

Human Skeleton

Lots of Materials for PE teachers

Table of Muscles of the Human Body

Sports Vocabulary

Then, I have another student who works in a restaurant, and wants to know vocabulary related to her job because many English Speakers go to her workplace





I don’t know if they all will be useful for her, but what I know is that she liked every single links I sent.

Culture Related Vocabulary

English Vocabulary for Art Students
Music Vocabulary and Activities
Music Picture Vocabulary and Exercises
Vocabukary for Music Exchange Students
English Vocabulary for Drama and Dance
Glossary of Film Terms
Movies and DVD Rentals ~ Vocabulary and Activities
Movie Theatres ~ Vocabulary and Activities
Music ~ Vocabulary and Activities
Education Vocabulary + Activities
Computer Vocabulary
British LifeStyle Activities

There is more on google, but you know, you have to give your students something to start with, don’t you?


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