{October 7, 2008}   Teacher Resources from all around the world wide web

I am starting to think (Oh my god, if my writing teacher reads this she’ll kill me!) that I’m clogging you with links to different websites and nothing “tangible” but, you know, teachers today are so constrained by timetables that they sometimes have no time for research when they need to – or at least this happens to me. Whenever I want something to work with, I do a websearch in a rush,hoping that the information or the activity I want, appear at first sight.

So,the purpose of posting lots of links is not only to share them with you but also to keep a track of the sites I like to work with. (Yeah, sometimes I forget my pendrive and my memory is not working as it should be expected ;)) Do you have a favourite site to work with? Why don’t you share it with us? I must admit that I’m not webbing much this days… I love the book I’m reading, and I don’t want to lose track of it!

My latest findings were:

Jan Brett’s Home Page

The Irregular Verbs

ESL for Everyone

Funny Lessons

Free Educational Software

Teacher Links

EFL Classroom 2.0


Heads Up English

Newspapers from all over the World

Oral Expression – ESL Resources

ESL Flow

MES English

Phonetics Focus

Essentials of Language Teaching

Needs Assessment for Adults

Performance and Portfolio Assessment


BBC UK Learning English


Learning With Computers Blog

Teaching Children

Describing People

The Body

The English Adventure

Virtual Library

Free English Learning and Teaching Resources

Magic Vocabulary

ESL Classics – Songs for Learning English

ESL Pod Cards

and the must-be-at-hand: ESLPrintables (not a new finding, but I think I never shared it here!)


Chris says:

Dear Geekyteacher,

I’m sorry to contact your through your comment’s section but I couldn’t find a contact link. I am the owner of and I noticed that you recently found my website. I also noticed that you posted it in your blog under, “ESL for Everyone.” My site is a new one, started in August. Anyways, I wanted to show you my appreciation for listing my website. Thank you very much.

Again, thank you,


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