{November 8, 2008}   Using flashcards with young learners

I love using flashcards to introduce vocabulary, to play with words from songs and to recycle vocabulary. They are really useful not only for helping children learn the spelling and pronunciation of new words but also to reinforce grammatical aspects of the language.

Some of my students really like when I show them flashcards to give directions or to describe houses and people. And I really like their productions since its their first year of English.

As many teachers of young children, I love preparing my own vocabulary flashcards – with similar sets for my students, because young learners love when their teachers do things for them.

Why? In Joanna Budden‘s words:

“Flashcards are a really handy resource to have and can be useful at every stage of the class. They are a great way to present, practise and recycle vocabulary and when students become familiar with the activities used in class, they can be given out to early-finishers to use in small groups. I sometimes get the students to make their own sets of mini flash cards that can be taken home for them to play with, with parents and siblings.”

More on flashcards for young learners just clicking here

Great sites with free flashcards:

esl flashcards

flashcard exchange

abc teach

teaching children esl

Picture Dictionary

And for those Students and Teachers of Spanish:

Spanish flashcards


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