{November 9, 2008}   I did everything Betty – Everything!*

All of us know that speaking a language is not easy when you come to the pronunciation of sounds that are not part of your native language’s sound system.

Students – and teachers too – need to practice each sound in isolation, in different contexts, until they understand its articulation and its use. (I still remember going to Susan’s lab classes to have extra practice with her because I loved her pronounciation!)

I love to work with the Pronunciation Power sofware for personal practice, but when it comes to students, I usually give them some activities in class and some websites to practice at home. In any case, teachers should bear in mind that it’s really difficult to acquire every single sound correctly, so don’t make your students hate the English language. Teach them wisely and they’ll acquire a pronounciation of English that will be accepted as very good.

Here are some interesting sites:

HowJSay is an excellent site to clear out doubts on the spot;

Phonemic Chart (presented here in earlier posts) is excellent to introduce the different sounds in isolation:

Research and practice websites on pronunciation

Online Phonetic Resources


Practicing Pronunciation with Sandpaper Letters is ideal to help children acquire the right pronunciation:



Ship or Sheep (yes, like the book!) provides practice through minimal pairs:

English Media Lab provides lots of exercises for pronunciation and intonation practice:

Dictations online is a great help for the student teacher if he/she is asked to write phonemic transcriptions in his phonetics and phonology exams (I can’t forget my mates’ faces when in Laura’s first classes):

The Tongue Twister Data Base is really nice to practice particular sounds:

Vowels in American Englishl

Vowels in British English

Vowels Linguistics Courses Resource

Phonetic Symbols and their Corresponding Pronunciation

Demonstration of How Phonetic Symbols are Pronounced (Audio)

More Exercises on Vowels

Guide to English Phonetic Symbols

Transcription Exercises


Using Transcription Symbols from Written Input

Articulation Exercise

Manner of Articulation Exercise

American Phonetic Notation

Phonetic Transcription Exercise (without audio)

Problems with some Symbols

Garatu Links offers a link collection with lots and lots of material to practice

Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish presents flash animations with the sounds of both languages.

Phonetic Flash

Phonetics  – The sounds of American English

American Vowels

American Vowel Chart

BBC English Vowels

The ASCII Phonetic Alphabet

Introduction of Phonetic Transcription

Demonstration of Phonetic Transcription

Oxford Guide to English Phonetic Symbols

Place of Articulation – Excercises


Australian English Phonetics

Translating Symbols

Varieties of American English

Reading and Producing Phonemic Transcription

Web Resources – Phonetics

Resources for Teaching Pronunciation

More Speaking Resources

Ted Power’s choice of Resources

The Speech Accent Archive

Phonemic Transcription Exercises

Words for Transcription

Names of Phonetic Symbols

Name of Symbols

Reading and Producing English Phonemic Transcriptions

Phonics and Phonetics Worksheets for kids in English-4-Kids – don’t miss the videos and the online extra practice sites, they’re wonderful!

*The choice of the title is a phrase from one of my practices at the phonetics lab in UNMDP – the original pronunciation was SO funny  (“so” is here pronounced like Stewie Griffin’s “so”) I will never forget it. (If I found my cassettes –yeah, we are oldies haha– I´ll upload the sound!)

-Sorry if I repeated some links, they were all in my bookmarks and it’s really difficult to remember all links I pasted here!


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