{November 9, 2008}   Thanksgiving in the classroom

It’s well-known that we generally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom as it is a religious holiday (or at least the idea of thanking god it’s religion-related)

But couldn’t we just make some kind of activities to show students how one of the most important celebrations in the US takes place? I guess that if we handle the topic really carefully, we can share lots of wonderful activities with our students.

A personal idea I hope to make a reality this year

is to organize a kind of “open class” where parents will be invited to share group activities with the children. (Hope I can do this, too much events this year made me go nuts with my year planning)

As Thanksgiving is not a celebration here in Argentina, I’ve looked for material on the topic – and I must say that there are tons and tons of interesting texts, activities and resources to teach your students about this cultural celebration. Some of them I list here:

How Thanksgiving Works

Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving 2008 – resources, information and everything you need to celebrate Thanksgiving

History.Com – tons of information and resources on this holiday

Teacher Planet

Thanksgiving Resources on the Web for Educators 1

Thanksgiving Resources on the Web for Educators 2

Kiddy House – all about thanksgiving for kids and teachers

USA Official Website

Thanksgiving Resources

Family Education

Teaching Heart

Teachers First

Kiddy House

Teacher Help

Thanksgiving Resources @ Local

101 Kidz

Adopt a Turkey

Thanksgiving Resources and Lesson Plans

Thanksgiving Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Flint Public Library


The Holiday Zone

Thanksgiving and Pilgrims
Hope you find this useful!


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