{November 11, 2008}   Classroom Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a classroom just for yourself, check this site. I got some really nice ideas from it!

  • The way you decorate your classroom can motivate or demotivate students! So add colourful posters (those hand made are highly praised by students!), a cultural board with information about English speaking countries, put English materials such as books and dictionaries, display student work. Classroom language and Useful Expressions are a must in all language learning classrooms. Students really like looking at their past work, so make them proud of their work by  decorating  your classroom with it. This will not only motivate students but will also foster their interest in learning the language.
  • A nice idea is to leave a red mailbox (ok, I’m not that crafty, but it shouldn’t be so difficult tthinko make and your students will love it!) for students to leave suggestions and messages.
  • Add a graffiti wall (or a cardboard poster if you want a cheaper version) outside or at the back of the classroom – in this site, they differenciate the boards between a temporary one – a blackboard – and a permanent board – the one made from paper. Check their suggestions!

  • Leave notes in a bulletin board outside your classroom or at its door. Notes can be either in English or in the students’ native language. They can be about topics the students are working on, or just on general information. Use them to foster communication! You can find many great ideas here.
  • Something I find really useful is educational emailing. If your students are old enough to use an email account, you can send them interesting material to read, extra work (they love working on computers!) or summaries on various topics. In previous posts here you can see that I send them lots of information or links of websites where they can find activities, texts and extra material on the topics they are working with.
  • Have a camera ready to capture students work! If you are allowed to take pictures in class, you can create lots of picture collage boards for your classroom – so when parents come to visit you they can see how students work! With my younger students, I create a blog where we share pictures with parents and relatives. They simply love watching their pictures on the net!
  • Leave a “big reading notebook” in your classroom. My students love reading stories, so we created a big book out of cardboard and legal paper, where they record information about the books they read (author, characters, main ideas). This is really useful to incentivate reading in young students!

Of course many of this ideas can be adapted to shared classrooms too! (I’m not so lucky – in some schools I share my classroom with other teachers – but I still can leave at least a graffity board and some posters made by the students hanging on a wall)

* Adapted from Raegina Taylor‘s ideas. Enlarged from personal experience.


Great site. Thanks… 🙂

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