{November 12, 2008}   English VS Spanish

It is known that learning English as a second language is easier than learning Spanish as a second language too, because of the difficulties Spanish has as regards verb tenses for example. Also, I know of many English speakers having difficulties with the Spanish sound system.

Some may argue that English is more difficult, because of the so many rules, exceptions and the differences in pronunciation.

My question is: Do children in English Speaking Countries learn Spanish compulsory at school? When do they start learning it?


Talula says:

First- I have to say I was delighted to see a link from your blog to mine that had come in the last 24 hours. I am just south of Houston, Texas. My professional life in education has been in Early Childhood Education (birth to age 8, or 3rd grade in the US); but I have 5 grown children, so I do know something about the U.S. System and I have to state that I don’t agree with the normal standard of presenting second languages here. They are elective (not compulsory) and usually (in public school at least)presented around 7th grade through 12th grade. My work has been most informed with the latest 10-15 years of brain research which shows the optimum ‘window’ for the brain to acquire a second (or third) language is 18 months – 5 years of age. I totally feel like the U.S. System is missing out on our ‘global connectedness’. Perhaps it will change under our new President-to-be Barack Obama. I would love to see that happen!

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