{December 10, 2008}   Thinking Aloud

I’m an active participant in an ESL forum. Last weekend, there were some arguments which I’m glad I didn’t see then.

What is an ESL resource?

Is it just clipart or a frame to embelish your activities? NO. That’s just something you may add to motivate your students with prettier worksheets.

An ESL resource is something your students will use to improve their language, whether it has clipart or not.

And it’s just that simple.  If those who read this post know where this discussion took place, they may understand me. But when you plan your activities carefully, you design your worksheets taking every single detail into account, and someone comes and claims that a single frame made out of small clipart is something you may use to work with your students… you can go really mad. And here came another complaint. Some said that the most active teachers were acting like know-it-alls… Here I must say that if you have experience, you can talk and do and criticize… New people in this profession (let’s say those who have been teaching for less than 3 years) can learn LOTS of more experienced teachers and professors. But well, as in every instance of our lives, there are stubborn people everywhere!

And here is when I say: do this teachers behave like that at school to? I mean, do they complain about everything?


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