{December 29, 2008}   Multiple Intelligences

Many schools have been adopting the idea of multiple intelligences into their daily teaching practices. For English teachers, this is piece of cake, since we always act, draw, write, and do whatever necessary for students to grasp the meaning of words and phrases.
After moving here, I had some (I must say, successful) interviews, and what surprised me most was that one of this schools had a project on multiple intelligences. After some googling, here is what I could research on the topic:



M.I. 2

M.I. Site

M.I. 3

M.I. – A theory for Everyone

M.I. Assessment

M.I. Assessment 2

Howard Gardner’s Site

M.I. Theory

Technology and M.I.

M.I. 4

M.I. in the Classroom

The Theory of M.I

M.I. 5

Lesson Plan’s Library

M.I. 6

Literacy Works

Learning Theories

Human Intelligencemultiple_intelligences_diagram


Monec says:


My name is Monec and I am a third level seminarian seeking both my M.Div, and M.A.C.E. My current class is about engaging Theological Education with digital technologies. I was surfing for some graphics on mulitple intelligence, and I found your blog.

I am leaving this reply to ask permission to use this graphic on the wiki my group has setup as a part of our fnal persentation.

treandpep says:

I have found it on the net some time ago, so I think you can use it freely. (I really don’t know who created it).
Thanks for your comment!

Rogger says:

Its was interesting to research about this theory, but actually i do not know who is the author of the ninth MI

treandpep says:

Many theoreticians, including Howard Gardner acknowledge the existance of the ninth intelligence. There are many sites and texts you can check to enlarge on this.
Thanks for passing by!

fretz says:

good day ma’am, i’ve just read about multiple intelligences, i want to learn more something about it, i’m interested to apply it in my Biology class. thank you so much ma’am, it would be a great help for me.

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