{January 7, 2009}   Teaching VERY young kids

Did you know that is possible to teach English (or any other second language) to babies?

When they are 8 months old, babies are capable of acquiring every single language we know about. The babies will be receiving input from the language speakers, and, perhaps, they will not use the language for many years. But when they start having formal education in this second language, they will magically remember rules and pronunciation from their babyhood.


Talula says:

Hi Dora, its been a while since I checked in on you — you have been very busy lately I see! Thought I would chime in here on the infant learning – it one of the areas of passion for me. Great little post, here are some other places for info on this topic. google “Baby Can Read” (it is a software program available for teachers or parents with flashcards and other ideas and I believe the concept can be adapted to other languages as the authors are researching that currently), and more facts can be found from Dr. Bruce Perry’s work on brain research (you have to wade through his work on maltreatment of children causing brain dysfunction, but the basic info is radical & fairly new), or you can also read “Rethinking the Brain” on the most recent brain research on infant/toddlers & published by the Kellogg Foundation. Sorry, but i don’t remember the authors off-hand. This work to align early education to fit the most recent brain research is a work-in-progress across the globe. It also has some important relvance with the new technologies. Hope this info will help inform you and your clients, all my best; Talula.

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