{March 15, 2009}   10 days later… here I am!

Hey! I’ve been kind of away from my pc these last weeks, because of too much work I’m afraid. Have you ever had to plan every single class you give? I have always done so, but this year planning is something challenging for me, since we were introduced to a new way of planning classes.

How do you plan your classes?

Do you create mindmaps? Do you brainstorm? Do you keep a file with every single activity you give to your students and the way you teach it?

I used to keep different planning records according to the place the plans are for. Private lesson plannings stay in a folder in my pc as well as Special Purpose Classes (since I don’t work so much with ESP nowadays). Then, private institute planning is made by keeping a record of all activities done, explained beforehand on a folder similar to those kids use. School planning, the hardest one to prepare, is done neatly in Word format and printed to be kept in a binding folder so as to be organized.

This year, I am discovering new templates of class planning, and I’m struggling to male my old way of planning fit in the new one. It seems difficult, but I’ll do it. 🙂



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