{May 30, 2009}   Learning languages thru video games

Some months ago, I bought a DSi and started looking for information on the different available games. Not only could I choose some classic games to have some fun and some totally new games (I mean, games that I find really difficult to play) but also I found really interesting games to learn and practice different languages.

I have to admit I’m a language geek who loves learning: I bought My Japanese Coach and My French Coach. The games are kind of expensive here, but, the DSi fits in any bag or pocket, you can use it everywhere you go, plus you can easily translate and understand some basic phrases in other languages. My idea is not to get proficient in Japanese* and French (though I’d love to!) but I’m doing this more like a hobbie really. If the games improved their level of language (come on, people do not talk just in present!) I’d be really glad to use the English version of the game with my geeky little students who also have this game console. What is true, is that these games are a really interesting way to make children practice and enjoy learning a language.

*What I found really interesting about the Japanese version of the game was all found here.

Hi there,

I hope that I’m not the cheeky ONE now 🙂

I came across and wondered whether you might be interested in mentioning my blog dedicated to “English Speaking” up there?

It is located here –>

Thanks for looking into it!

Anthea Sapon

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