{May 31, 2009}   English for Toddlers

Some months ago, a friend of mine asked me to give some English classes to her 3 years old daughter. It was really difficult to start at first, because the little girl loves being in my house and she gets easily distracted. Also, I had doubts on how I should work with her. I didn’t want to work with the language as something outside her life, so I designed a short annual plan to work with her.The topics I chose were those I thought kids her age are interested in, though I’m still not sure of some of them.

The main goals I am trying to achieve are working with skill development, preparing her for kinder and school, and to make communication in English a need for her (at least in my house). As for contents, she is really young, so I decided to start with alphabet recognition, reading through pictures and little language use (generally, we use simple structures in present simple or continuous, and she is doing really well!).

Activities vary according to her mood, but we generally work with colouring pictures, drawing, story telling – specially when she is tired, she really likes stories! – , singing (I love nursery rhymes!), recognizing shapes and colours, counting, games and some funny crafts. English is used during 2 whole hours a week, and after almost 3 months, I can gladly say that she has made great improvements in her command of the language!

These are some of the websites I found really useful when designing her classes:…………………………………………………………………


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