{June 1, 2009}   Teaching English Through Comics

In order to improve the quality of the material we use in our classes, using authentic material as cartoons and comics may enrich a variety of groups in many teaching environment.

There is no person who doesn’t like reading something funny or that is appealing, and those learners who are usually reluctanct to participate in the classes are the first to discuss comics.

Comics require students’ thoughts, feelings and opinions about the situation portrayed through visual and linguistic elements and codes.

You can not only teach vocabulary and language structures through comics, but you can also help students:

– describe pictures making using adjectives recently learned,

– learn synonyms and antonyms to expand vocabulary,

– practice formation of different verb tenses,

-practice story telling,

-write a story using a comic as a starting point, etc.

There are thousands of activities you can create using comics. I found these  activities on Spiderman and I’m really eager to use them! There are also thousands of websites with useful information you can profit from, for example:

Using Comics

Comics and Cartoons

Teaching with Comics

100 Top Cartoon Sites

Education Cartoons for Teachers (oh, the one on icons, my old favourite one!)

Amazing Kids

mel says:

love all the resources + tips that you’ve put up on ur blog! it’s great! 🙂 keep up the awesome work!

MIKE says:

I Just wanna thank u for your helpful ideas. they are really interesting!!
keep doing this excellent job..



Barera says:

I like your ideas but 2 of the website you’ve mentioned have nothing plus your own activities on spiderman are not there which i really want to see. So how could i? please let me know..

Thanking you.

treandpep says:

Hi! All those links were provided over a year ago, and they are not mine. Those sites are working for me, and have very useful information about using comics in the classroom, not ready to use activities, as you can see. On the activities on Spiderman, the person who uploaded them may have deleted them… and I really don’t know where I have my copies!

Thanks. Very useful indeed.

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