{August 13, 2009}   And the question is…

What do you do when you are working in places were you are told to do things that do not correlate?
I am asking this because I still do not understand how to go about certain things in one of my workplaces. Not only does it seem we are doing overtime every single day because of the loads of work we have at home to prepare classes and materials (which I can only use there, since they follow old principles) but also they ask me to work in an impossible way. How can one work “as in a bilingual school” when you meet your students 2 hours a week and they are not allowed to copy any instructions from the blackboard and they just complete grammar exercises in copies of untidy originals? I prepare my own activities adapting some I found in “Sam on Radio” books, but I cannot find activities that follow the ideals of the institution in ANY new book! (I accept suggestions!)
Also, the idea that students can just be taught a reduced amount of vocabulary (e.g., family members for the first level: mother, father, sister, brother) constraints even more the activities that can be used (and I’m getting tired of scanning, editing and printing to get tidy copies…)

Well, that’s it. I updated while having no Internet connection at home. I hope I’ll be back soon!

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