{September 9, 2009}   Ready-to-use tips and tricks for your classroom

Have you ever thought about giving choice homework to your students?

Think about different activities on the same topics (you can prepare them going around multiple intelligences, learning styles or Bloom’s taxonomy! – wow, I do remember names!) and prepare different cards or a poster with them.

Then, tell your students they will have to choose one activity to complete in a week’s time (let’s say you present the activity on Monday, so they will have up to the following Monday to hand it in!).

Think of activities that engage your students! For example, I’m designing a 3-Choice Homework chart for the following weeks:

Activity one will consist on making some poster or drawing on the story we are working with.

Activity two will be the most challenging: students will have to prepare new lyrics for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, writing a summary of the story we are reading

Activity three will have to do with writing a letter to someone they admire, telling him/her what they have learned from the story

The three activities will be done by ALL students in different weeks ( I will recommend weaker students to start with the easiest one) and this will help students see what they have learned!

– I took this idea from “Differentiation in Action” by Judith Dodge. It’s a fantastic book to read!



Hi Geekyteacher,
On the topic of differentiation: at the BBC we’ve just revamped our Teachers’ Portal to make it easier for teachers to find a variety of resources to suit different learning styles and classroom situations: short video clips, printable worksheets, news stories. Hope this helps. If you have any suggestion, please let us know! Happy to help,

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