{October 24, 2009}   Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

As a teacher of English, I decided to evaluate my knowledge  sitting for Cambridge TKT.
I’ve studied and read so much during my university years that I feel this test will be kind of “What do you remember about teaching theories?”

At first, I joined a group of teachers who were meeting Saturday mornings (yeah, I did that!) to enlarge their knowledge and prepare themselves for TKT. What happened after 6 months was that just 2 teachers (me and one of my school colleagues) were the only ones who handed in homework, did research and were present all classes. The result: I gave up.

As most of you may know,  TKT Course was made up of 3 different modules, and, last year, CLIL and KAL  modules were added.

The very same day I registered for the test (September 12th, to be exact) I bought a book and decided to go on reading by myself to finish preparing one of the new modules.

I’ve been putting CLIL into practice this year, so, I thought it would be perfect to carry out the practice test without any reading to see how much I’ve learnt this year: the result was superb: I  got 70 out of 80 questions right.
Also, I decided to do some googling on the topic. I found mostly opinions on the test and short summaries, but there were some things that I found really useful.


University of Cambridge – TKT

The TKT Course



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