{December 1, 2009}   A sweet recipe for your students

With my 4th graders, we prepared a “Chocotorta”. It’s a very common cake here in Argentina and children love it.

Here goes the recipe:


*4 packets of chocolate cookies (I used “Chocolinas”)
*500 gr of Dulce de Leche
*1 pot of cream cheese
*300 ml milk
*Chocolate chips, rocklets or grated coconut (optional)


1. Place milk in a shallow tray. Get a rectangular (preferable) glass or ceramic plate ready fr the cake (no need to grease).
2. Coat each biscuit in milk and line on the plate, sticking each one right next to the other in three long rows covering the whole surface of the plate. Once you have the first layer of milked cookies duly aligned, mix the dulce de leche and cream cheese in a bowl until well blended.
3. Spread a thick layer of the dulce de leche/cream cheese mixture over the first layer of biscuits. Add another layer of biscuits and another of the sweet mixture upto as many as you like (ideally at least 4 of each). Finish with a dulce de leche/cream cheese layer and sprinkle with chocolate chips or grated coconut on top. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.



Note from the Editor: Have you ever eaten Coca-Cola Cake?


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