{January 26, 2010}   Summer Reading

I know I’m on holidays (and a bit lazy, too) but I couldn’t help sharing this with all Twilight fans! A friend of mine found this link, hope you love it too!


{January 22, 2010}   Bloom’s digital taxonomy

Webbing a while I came across this image and I couldn’t help it. Here I am!

Some links where I found great information enlarging what’s seen on this picture are:



{January 21, 2010}   On Holidays!

Hey! I’m on holidays but still assisting EVO sessions, that’s why I don’t update so often.I’ve been enlarging my gadgets collection and so, getting the most of them.

See you soon!

{January 5, 2010}   New EVO Sessions 2010

I’ve already registered for some of the sessions EVO proposes for this year. Last year was my first EVO year and I loved the sessions. I’ve improved a lot my digital teaching practices, and now I include more interesting and better prepared materials in my classroom practices.

For this 2010 sessions, I’ve chosen completely different sessions (although it’s advised not to join more than 2 sessions, if you have free time, you can join one or two extra sessions!)

Hope you join them too!

{January 4, 2010}   Using Drama in your classes

English teachers are actors by nature. We are always on stage, performing for our students, trying to find better ways for them to learn. Many of the activities we commonly use are related to drama. Think about this:

We work for an audience, with mostly imaginative activities. We make positive comments to our students, enhancing the attention of the audience. We frequently role play situations with our students so they practice newly acquired structures and vocabulary.

I came across a book called 101 Drama Games and Activities where many interesting activities are pointed out. One of the EVO sessions I will be attending this year is related to drama. I hope I get many new ideas to share with you!


{January 4, 2010}   2010: How will you say it?

I go for twenty-ten, what about you?

et cetera