{March 15, 2010}   Working in Kinder

Working in kinder differs immensely from working with primary school children. In kinder, you have to adapt your language, your pronunciation and your body language to help children understand what is happening around them.

Here are a few tips to make the best of your kinder classes:

1. Stick to a routine. Young children learn better in an organized way. Keep your classroom tidy, use hello and goodbye songs, use the idea of a circle time when you want to introduce new concepts and ideas.

2.Be organized. Stick to timing. Remember that English lessons in kinder usually last between 30 and 45 minutes, and you surely want your kids to make profit from those classes. Pay a visit to the class teacher and ask her for permission to watch some of her classes to see how the kids work. Ask the class teacher for available materials, and ask if you can have your own English corner, to display the kids’ work. Tell her about the topics you are going to work, so she can help you monitor your students while they work. If the class teacher doesn’t stay during your period, leave her little notes telling her how the class went on.

3. Send kids’ work periodically to their parents. Summarize the kids’ work after a monthly period, so their parents can see their progress.

4. Classroom techniques. There are many ways to work with little kids, but you always have to remember that they need to USE the language to actually learn it. Presenting, practicing and consolidating language helps the development of fine motor skills. Choose one or two students to help, they will love to! Check that you have all your materials before coming into the classroom!

5. Written Work. As I said before, little kids have short English lessons, but you can profit a lot from them! try to plan several classes in advance, and every other class make them do some kind of written work, for their parents to see their progress at the end of the year.

BONUS: I’m going to prepare a short play based on the Three Little Pigs, for my preschoolers (kinder -5). I think that including drama in your classes is great to get the students involved with the language.

Use games, songs, chants, rhymes, stories, drama and have lots of fun with the kids!

Great sites to find material for kids:


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