{April 27, 2010}   Working in Kinder II

It’s been two complete months since classes started at kinder, and I have some comments to make about my new adventure.

1. English classes shouldn’t be during the last period. I know that kinder teachers work in several places and they use that period to go from one kinder to the other, but the kids are SO tired they don’t pay attention and, for some of them, the classes are not useful.

2. You have to be Superman, flying from table to table, to help everyone and to make every children happy.

3. You have to VARY from class to class, but don’t change everything. Every class, we sing the hello song, they see PePa Frog (my puppet) and we talk about the weather. Then, I can give them some playdough, or I can give them a piece of paper to draw something related to the topics we are working with… or I can use my magic headbands (today I wore one with rabbit ears to teach them about the Easter Bunny).

4. Be FIRM. I think that’s the most important thing. They need to respect you and to know who is the leader of the classroom. What I generally do is, if they get on my nerves, I send them off with the headmistress. If they behave appropriately, they play with my frog or they wear my headbands.

5. Keep the students’ interest. Last Friday, instead of a writing activity, I prepared some finger puppets on Itsy Bitsy Spider. They loved them!

6. It’s the first time my students are so eager to complete  written work.  That helps me a lot when I’m designing the activities!

I’m planning on uploading the different templates of activities I’ve created this year. Anyone interested on that?


{April 20, 2010}   Back from format c:\

I’ve been reinstalling software on my pc, that’s why I’ve not posted for so long!

I’m preparing a great post for ESL Kinder teachers  – stay tuned!

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