{May 31, 2010}   World Cup 2010

Every four years, teachers have an opportunity to make students practice their English with activities related to the World Cup. Not only one can use this topic as a source of material for tenses exercises, but also for comparatives and superlatives, countries, nationalities, parts of the body, numbers and colours.

Here are some ideas I put into practice this year:

– Look for the history of the World Cup and use it as an exercise on passive voice. (I created a very nice exercise on this, you can find it here)

– Provide your students with infinite sources for research. They can write physical descriptions, narrations about different places, they can describe the rules of football.

– Younger students can practice colours while decorating the World Cup’s mascot. You can even give them different mascots to colour!

– Provide students related to football: the people, the field, the rules…

– Give students cards with information about different players, then, they can practice question making!

What ideas are you planning to use in the classroom?


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{May 4, 2010}   Great movie to work with

Last Saturday was “movie Saturday” at home, and I highly recommend you watch Les Choristes! There are many values that can be worked with from this movie, and your students will love it (audio is in French, so perhaps you would like to work with short scenes, with English subtitles on).

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