{July 23, 2010}   Using videos to make your students SPEAK

This year I’ve started working in an innovative way with an advanced-level group of students. They improve their vocabulary and grammar as the topics we work with ask for, and we use videos to prompt speaking.

For example:

– An episode of The Big Bang Theory was the starting point of a long discussion on intelligence. We worked with the concept of intelligence, IQ and EQ and multiple intelligences.

– A TV series from the 1980s that I discovered not long ago and I loved, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, was very useful to describe British humour. We worked with all types of humour: cartoons, different types of graphic and oral jokes, and I decided to include something particular of the culture they are studying.

– One episode of my favourite TV series, Dr Who, will be used next week to describe time travel and the future.

Today, I came across these short clips that are not only awesome to watch but also very interesting to prompt discussion among your students.

– you see? It didn’t take too long for me to come back!


Germán says:

Hi! Thanks for the pingback, we added your blog to our blogroll. Best wishes, Germán.

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