{September 19, 2010}   The importance of pronunciation

I’ve been remembering a situation for a while, and I thought some of you would have also participated in a similar one, thus, the purpose of this post.

Once I was told by a partner that she used to teach final -ed pronunciation in a very particular way. She said her students did not need the “specifics” and that a very general rule would be enough.

And I disagreed.

I couldn’t believe her explanation (and the fact that she wanted me to work in that way!) and started looking for material on the topic for my students to work at home.

I came across a free English lesson on the pronunciation of -ed endings; A very nice theoretical explanation and some nice exercises together with simple explanations

More theory over here:
Teaching ESL to Adults

And some exercises right here:



How couldn’t I include it, people? There’s plenty of material out there in youtube!


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