{September 27, 2010}   Decorating older students’ classrooms

I’m sure you came across this question at some point of your teaching career:

How do I decorate my teens’ (or adults’) classroom?

My 15-year-olds loved the classroom when they first saw it: its walls were decorated thinking on their likes and on their needs as students. Of course, some extras were to be found 😉

I created some motivational posters and hung them on the wall next to the blackboard. Then, I added some colourful cardboard empty posters which were meant for students to write anything they liked.  And… instead of adding too many revision or grammar posters, I kept a small space for those, and I changed them very often, when my students would not need them anymore. The rest of the classroom walls are decorated by some other teachers.

What do you do in your classroom?


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