{November 22, 2012}   On Language


{November 22, 2012}   Great Video for “Team Work”

One of the videos I watched the most this year came from TED. Whenever you need to work with the idea of team work, be sure to have this video at hand – students love it, and they engage in great discussions departing from it.

The speaker, Tom Wujec, became known here in Argentina some 15 years ago with his book, “Five Star Mind – Games and Puzzles” (Mentalmanía in Spanish). I read it while I was a high school student myself, and it became one of my favourite books whenever I needed to be “creative.”

{November 22, 2012}   Sooooo long people!!

As usual, it’s been a really long time since my last post, which was… ehhmm… just 11 months ago 😛

But well, in the meantime, I got married, went on my honeymoon, and went back to work, I’m going on holidays in a month… and believe me, this year is even tougher than the previous one.

I’m working as a coordinator at the institute since March, and there is a loooooot to do. Add some work from university, and housework, too.
But I’m always back. That’s for sure.

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