{October 19, 2015}   So long!

Why bothering to make a come back? This year has been pretty mad. I decided to switch jobs completely and went back to work at primary school. It meant leaving my comfort zone and going back to what I’ve always loved – working with children. Well, of course I miss my in company students, but I can live with that. Working 10 blocks from home is a dreamy experience I want to keep forever.

The job swap also provided me with loads of opportunities to read more (I’ve already read almost 50 books in 2015!) and with more time to study for my post graduate studies. That is why I’ve made a comeback almost at the end of the year, I’ve been full of uni assignments (I still am) and extra activities. However, today I was thinking during my spinning lesson (oh yes, I forgot to share that having some free time also helped start spinning and swimming!) and said “why the hell am I not posting on my blog?” At least, I can make the usual comeback, but it would be great to keep it updated.

So, this does not mean I’m going to be here every day (I still have to update my facebook page, haven’t had time since July!) but I promise an update from time to time to keep you posted.

BTW, have you visited English with Dora on facebook? If you enjoy what you see, give it a like – I am already scheduling new posts with fun facts and interesting information about English 🙂


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