Dora, a teacher of English from Mar del Plata living in Quilmes City, likes to reflect on her teaching practices and on the things that happen to her while she works.

Since she loves surfing the Net, she usually comes across with information that may be of interest for other teachers or students of the English language. Also, she loves technological gadgets, so she tries to include them in her teaching practices as well as in her daily life.

Internet is a great source of material for language learning so she usually provides her students with links to different sites where they can find extra practice and interesting readings.

Material found here is just a personal selection and its publishing here is not meant to infringe any copyright law. (That’s why sources or authors are always cited.)


Sheila says:

Hello Dora
I love finding sites like yours!
I too am putting links on to my blog for students.
I have another blog for children.
All my links are British English because that is what is taught in Spanish schools. I teach all ages and levels and I’m passionate about pronunciation and phonetics.
Maybe if I have time I will start another blog for American and world English.
By the way, my dentist is from Argentina!
kind regards

Hi there,

I hope that I’m not the cheeky ONE now ๐Ÿ™‚

I came across and wondered whether you might be interested in mentioning my blog dedicated to “English Speaking” up there?

It is located here –>

Thanks for looking into it!


Anthea Sapon

Ivan says:

Hello Dora!
I would like to tell you about a new service for learning english online through movies.
I hope you will like it and find it useful for your readers.


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