{December 5, 2011}   Interactive Whiteboard Activities

It’s been some months since I’ve first tried the device, and I must admit I love it! Here are two excellent sites with tons of activities for you to work with on an interactive whiteboard:

TES Iboard


English is Cool

Teacher Led


ILearn Technology

Learning Today



Promethean Planet


{February 3, 2011}   Taboo! Game for your students

Have you ever played Taboo!? It’s a very entertaining game to practice vocabulary with your students.

(picture taken by myself)

Imagine you got a card saying “teacher” Below, you got three words that could be really useful for a definition of “teacher”. What if you couldn’t use those words to explain your word?

Well, Taboo! game is, basically, what I described above. Here you can find some templates and here there are some ready to print games (and you can also download the rules) Oh! And here you can play Taboo! online.

{August 18, 2010}   Games in the ESL Classroom

Have you ever tried to play a game in the classroom, for the sake of playing?

I’ve collected a series of games that can be adapted to the teaching context and used to have fun and learn at the same time.

Game 1:
Guess Who?

Level: Intermediate
Age: teens
Short Description: Each player chooses a person from the board. The other players ask questions which can be answered just by yes or no. After 20 questions and no right guess, another person is chosen.

Game 2:

Level: Intermediate
Age: teens, adults
Short Description: Have  you ever heard about this game? Here you can find the template to create your own board!

Game 3:
Balloon Game

Level: Advanced
Age: Adults
Short Description: Tell your students that they are flying in a hot-air balloon which is sinking and that someone must be thrown out if everyone is not to die. Each speaker has to make the case why they should not be thrown out of the balloon to save the others. Typically each participant speaks on behalf of a famous person, profession, fictional character, etc. Other perilous situations may take the place of the sinking balloon, for example, a shipwrecked raft, or a nuclear bunker.

I promise I’ll add more games during the following weeks, but now is your turn to try them out!

Some months ago, I bought a DSi and started looking for information on the different available games. Not only could I choose some classic games to have some fun and some totally new games (I mean, games that I find really difficult to play) but also I found really interesting games to learn and practice different languages.

I have to admit I’m a language geek who loves learning: I bought My Japanese Coach and My French Coach. The games are kind of expensive here, but, the DSi fits in any bag or pocket, you can use it everywhere you go, plus you can easily translate and understand some basic phrases in other languages. My idea is not to get proficient in Japanese* and French (though I’d love to!) but I’m doing this more like a hobbie really. If the games improved their level of language (come on, people do not talk just in present!) I’d be really glad to use the English version of the game with my geeky little students who also have this game console. What is true, is that these games are a really interesting way to make children practice and enjoy learning a language.

*What I found really interesting about the Japanese version of the game was all found here.

{November 4, 2008}   The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I simply love this story! Today, I worked with my little kids group with this story. I had the opportunity of preparing a set of activities related to the story (picking some up from here and there, of course, not all are mine!) and the children were delighted with the story.

Why did I choose it? Just because I wanted to introduce the last two units of the year in a different way.

I was looking for games for my teen and adult groups to play during this year’s Halloween, and I came across several links that may be really useful!

Of course there are lots of other great games to play with different age groups, but I found some really nice on these websites!

{September 12, 2008}   Vocabulary Practice: Clothes

Are you working with clothes? Do you have a pc at hand while you work?

Girls love playing with dolls, and they also love dressing them. So, why don’t we use online dress up games with our students? They can not only practice vocabulary related to clothes but also colours and description!

This is my favourite, and here you have lots of doll dressing games, including those to dress up celebrities.

et cetera