{November 19, 2013}   Pinning here and there

Some time ago I started using Pinterest, a great tool to keep all your favourite websites at hand. Though I pin everything I found interesting, the main use I give to this social tool is to keep and share different teaching resources.

Come and join me! You can find different activities, crafts, bulletin board ideas and anything you need for your lessons

Some of my favourites (sorry for the TONS of links!):



{June 4, 2011}   Books for Everyone

Doing some googling, I came across an EXCELLENT website where you can get public domain books just FOR FREE.

The site I’m talking about is FeedBooks, and I’ve already selected some books for my students to read. Which ones would you choose?

(To be sincere, I also chose one for me: “Little Dorrit” – just because I found the title really amusing and I know the tv series :-P)

I’m sure you came across this question at some point of your teaching career:

How do I decorate my teens’ (or adults’) classroom?

My 15-year-olds loved the classroom when they first saw it: its walls were decorated thinking on their likes and on their needs as students. Of course, some extras were to be found 😉

I created some motivational posters and hung them on the wall next to the blackboard. Then, I added some colourful cardboard empty posters which were meant for students to write anything they liked.  And… instead of adding too many revision or grammar posters, I kept a small space for those, and I changed them very often, when my students would not need them anymore. The rest of the classroom walls are decorated by some other teachers.

What do you do in your classroom?

{September 2, 2010}   Nice stuff

I’ve been doing my homework and I came across several interesting articles on the net.

Technology that we all cannot live without, by Johnny Hart

How regional dialects are spreading around the UK thanks to Facebook and Twitter, by Daily Mail Reporter

Phrases we will hear a lot…,  by Ron Dzwonkowski

I’m planning to use some excerpts to show my students some “real” pieces of news. Hope you like them too!

{March 27, 2010}   Info on Clil

I was webbing a while and I came across this link with very interesting and useful information on CLIL.

Hope you like it!

{February 23, 2010}   Links for Everyone!

I’ve just finished my first class of the day and I thought I have bookmarked many different sites during this summer. They range from video and song sites for kids to multiple intelligences information.If they are useful for you, or if you know about any other site that may be helpful and want to share it, please comment below 🙂

Kinder Sites

e-learning for kids
Have Fun Teaching
woodlands junior
super simple songs
abc song
Making Learning Fun
Little Giraffes
The Virtual Vine
ABC School House
Teaching Heart
Teach Preschool
Deborah J Stewart
Pre – kpages

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Styles/ VAK

Wikipedia (Check the external links provided there!!)
Learning Styles Test

A little bit of everything

Creative tools
Free Worksheets and Awards
9 Ways to Live Better, Longer, Happier
Main Reasons for Lesson Plans

This last link is a bonus, because sometimes, people think and ask that teachers have no reason to like their job. And they are wrong. There are 100 reasons to be a teacher.

{September 1, 2009}   Sharing with you!

I found these three websites that should be in every English teacher´s bookmarks:

Mrs. Alphabet is a site full of activities to teach the alphabet (very motivating ideas!)

Storytelling – where the power of stories to improve students´s behaviour is pointed out.

The Online Books Page – more than 35,000 books available 24×7

Updating soon,


{July 29, 2009}   Nice images

When working with kids, I love to prepare nice colourful material. I’ve came across all these abcs, which I found lovely to prepare dominoes and memory games.
Hope you also enjoy them!

{July 6, 2009}   Teens and English

Now that I started talking about my private students, one of the things that surprises me most is the progress made by teen students when activities fit their interests.

I have 2 teen students, coming to private classes twice a week. Each of them has particular interests and hobbies, and their interest in learning English is different, too. One of them is finishing her high school studies, the other one, started university this year. Their 2 years’ difference make them really different students.

The first one, loves working orally, specially on topics she chooses (fashion, make up, nightlife, etc). She finds really difficult to concentrate on written activities and she gets distracted every 5 minutes. The second one is the exact opposite. She loves written activities and does them with no effort, but finds really difficult to produce oral pieces of discourse.

They both like working on their computers, so I selected a few links they – and you too –  may find useful:


HowJSay -> a very useful tool when you don’t know how to pronounce a certain word.

The Visual Dictionary -> a picture dictionary for everyone!

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

One Look Reverse Dictionary -> provide the definition… it will give you the word!


English Club

English the Easy Way

OM Grammar


{May 22, 2009}   Twilight

I’m really commited to my reading of Twilight.  As I work from 8 to 7, the only chance I get for reading is travelling by bus. I still doubt how long will I resist the long bus trip having colleagues near home to travel with.


On Monday, I started reading Twilight. I was reluctant to read it at first, but when I saw it at the book fair I decided to give it a chance. I read two hours a day, as I go and come back from one of the schools I work. And I’ve read almost half of the book. I’m planning a trip to my favourite bookshop to get the other three books in the saga. I am eager to get on the bus tomorrow morning. I desperately need to finish the book tomorrow.

(The same happened to me when LOST came into air tv. I didn’t want to watch it because average Joe watched the series. One day, I got the dvds from season 1, and now I’m desperate for season 6 to start next year!)

And now, as I’m writing this, I find this link full of excellent materials on Twilight to use in the classroom. What else could I ask for? 🙂

PS: My boyfriend got me the movie (:


More Info on Twilight here and here

et cetera