{December 5, 2011}   Working with Songs

Why don’t you have a look at this beautiful video to work with older students?

Declan Gabraith – Tell me Why


{February 24, 2010}   Songs my kids at kinder love!

I was searching for videos of my favourite songs for kinder students. These are my students’ favourite ones, what about yours?

And MY favourite for preschoolers (and your children too!)

{December 17, 2009}   Xmas time

I simply love this song, since it’s great for young children. Hope you like it too!

When Santa got stuck up the chimney,
He began to to shout,
You girls and boys,
Won ´t get any toys,
If you don ´t pull me out.
There ´s soot on my back,
And my beard is all black,
My nose is tickling too.!
When Santa got stuck up the chimney,
Achoo, Achoo, Achoo.

Was on the eve before Christmas Day,
When Santa Claus arrived on his sleigh,
Into the chimney he climbed with his sack,
But he was so fat – he couldn ´t get back.
Oh, what a terrible plight, gangway,
He stayed up there all night.
When Santa got stuck up the chimney,
He began to yell.
Oh hurry, please,
It ´s all such a squeeze,
The reindeer ´s stuck as well!
His head ´s up there in the cold night air,
Now Rudolph ´s nose is BLUE!!
When Santa got stuck up the chimney,
Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, ACHOO

{July 27, 2009}   Heal the World

A very nice song by Michael Jackson, Heal the World, and different activities to foster students’ creativity*:
– write a biography
– write an essay on facial surgery
– discuss the pros and cons of being famous
– make a poster showing the meaning of the song
– draw a picture depicting what “Heal the World” means to you

Then, you can widen your topic and add some vocabulary on space and ecology! Students round the age of 12 love working on this topics!

Can you think of any other creative activity?

*I must admit I’m kind of tired of fill in the gaps activities, not only they are repetitive and not original, but also students know the songs we choose most of times – or they can easily predict the missing words. Creative activities do not only allow students to focus on a topic but they also help students develop their creative thinking abilities.

You can find the lyrics here.

{May 19, 2009}   A great idea!

I can’t remember where I got the idea from, but today, I made my English Literature students change the lyrics of a song to fit the story they were tested about (We read Five Orange Pips, and I chose “What a Wonderful World” by The Ramones for them to create new lyrics)

The results were superb, and the students had lots of fun looking for synonyms of the words from the story to make their ideas fit the rhythm of the song provided. I strongly recommend this activity if your students are art oriented or if you want to bring some fun and music into your classroom  – Your students will love doing this activity!

Here you have the Ramones’ version of the song and the lyrics a group of students wrote:

I have five orange pips

A letter too

It says I will die

Die really soon

And I think to myself

KKK I hate you

They have killed my uncle

My father too

I called Sherlock Holmes

To help me now

And I think to myself

KKK I hate you

In Baker Street I met him,

so serious in his flat

I told him how my father

and my uncle had died

I appreciate what he did

but now I am dead

Now he is saying

“I have failed”

My friend Holmes found the ship

It was called Lone Star

It sank in the sea

There are no solutions now,

And I think to myself

KKK I hate youuuu,

And I think to myself

KKK I hate youuuu…

{September 10, 2008}   Music in the Classroom

As said in previous posts, the use of music in the classroom can make the entire learning process more enjoyable. But… do you use music just to work with the lyrics? Or do you provide your students with opportunities of working with music playing very slowly, just to foster brain work?  Do we provide activities dealing with the phonetics of the language, or just fill-in-the-gaps activities?

Personally, I’ve worked in children’s classes with those cds from the Babies Go series and children really like them! With adults, classical music does the trick.

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